License Plates

License plates are available in the standard Home Means Nevada design and more than 30 specialty designs.

License Plate graphic

Standard Plates

NHome Means Nevada PlateHome Means Nevada

Total Fees
Numbering Initial Renewal
Sequential $7 $0
Personalized $42 $20

The initial fee for single Motorcycle/Small Trailer plates is $3.50 for standard plates and $39.25 for personalized.

Sequential plates are in stock at DMV offices. See Personalized License Plates to order a custom number.

Home Means Nevada Plate

Handicapped PlateDisabled

See Disabled Parking for plates and placards with the Home Means Nevada background and information on parking laws.

Many Veterans license plates for disabled and decorated veterans are available with the International Symbol of Access.

Disabled Plate

1982 Replica PlateCirca 1982 Replica

Total Fees
Numbering Initial Renewal
Standard $26 $0
Personalized $61 $20

Circa 1982 plates are available for passenger and light commercial vehicles only. They are not available for motorcycles or trailers.

Each set must be custom-ordered. Plates may take 8 to 9 weeks for delivery. Make an appointment for your DMV office visit as soon as you order the plates (metropolitan offices).

Standard Numbers

You may order any Nevada standard plate number that currently belongs to you or has been expired more than 18 months.

Many older Nevada blue plates were issued with a county designator and four or five numbers. Examples of county designator plate numbers are W12345 for Washoe County or CT12345 for a pickup registered in Clark County. You may order any county designator number regardless of your current county of residence.

Have several choices in mind and call the Special Plates section at (775) 684-4750 to verify availability.

The online plate search and order cannot be used for previously-issued standard plate numbers. You must order by mail, fax or in person.

Personalized Numbers

You can transfer an existing personalized number or order a new combination subject to the same approval process as other personalized plates.

Use our Online Plate Search & Ordering or order by mail, fax or in-person.

Place the Order

  • Use the Circa 1982 Replica License Plate Application (SP 45) for in-person, mail or fax orders. The fax number is (775) 684-4797.
  • Use the Payment Authorization Form (ADM 205) for mail or fax orders. For mailed orders, you may pay by check or money order.
  • You may order in person at a DMV Office or County Assessor which offers vehicle registration services. We will issue a temporary movement permit and mail the plates to you. This is suggested if you are obtaining an original registration.
  • You may order by mail, fax or order personalized plates online and pick up your plates when they are ready. This is suggested if you have an existing registration.

Get the Plates

Original Registration

Order Circa 1982 plates when you register the vehicle in person.

Plate Swap on Existing Registration

To swap plates on an existing Nevada registration, bring the old plates to the DMV or County Assessor when your new plates are ready.

No registration renewal or emissions inspection is necessary if your renewal is not due. A $5 substitute plate fee will apply in addition to the plate fees.

If your renewal is due within 35 days or you choose to renew, you will need to complete an emissions inspection if required and if the last test was completed more than 90 days ago. Your expiration date will change if the current expiration date is more than 35 days away. Credit will be given for the unused portion of your current Nevada registration.

Swapping Plates between Vehicles

If you are transferring plates between vehicles that you own, you must renew the registration(s) for a full year. Visit a DMV or Assessor office and bring Evidence of Insurance card(s), current odometer reading(s) and Emissions Inspection(s) if required. Credit will be given for any unused portion of a current registration.

Bring the license plate application, any required documentation, Evidence of Insurance and your current odometer reading to a DMV Full Service Office or County Assessor which offers vehicle registration services.

What If I Already Have Blue Plates?

You are not required to surrender blue plates or order a new set as long as they are in good condition and readable. Existing blue plates that are not currently in use may be used for vehicle registration if they are legible and the plate number is not in use on another vehicle.

You may order Replica plates if your existing blue plates are faded or worn out.

1982 Replica Plate

Exempt PlateExempt Plates

Government Agencies

Exempt license plates are issued to state and local government entities which are exempt from paying Nevada Governmental Services Taxes.

An application must be completed for each vehicle. This form is also used to order new plates with existing plate numbers and to order seals and decals for State of Nevada vehicles.

Exempt License Plate Application (SP 15A)

Elderly/Disabled Transportation

Organizations that use state or federal grants to provide transportation services the elderly and disabled also qualify for exempt plates. Use the SP 79 affidavit.

Affidavit for Exempt License Plate Application (SP 79)

Native American Tribes

Non-commercial vehicles owned by the governing body of a federally recognized Tribal Government are entitled to exempt license plates provided:
  • The vehicle is used for non-commercial purposes;
  • The Indian tribe or colony is recognized by federal law; and
  • The governing body is located on the reservation or colony in Nevada.

See Federally Recognized Tribes, Bands and Colonies of Nevada.

Native American tribal members residing on tribal lands are eligible for a Governmental Services Tax Exemption on their private vehicles, but not exempt license plates. The Application for Governmental Services Tax Exemption (VP 154) is the form used to apply for the exemption for individual tribal members.

Exempt Plate

License Plate Display

Nevada law requires most vehicles to display front and rear license plates at all times, except motorcycles and trailers, which require only a rear plate. You must display both plates if the vehicle is designed for a front plate or if the manufacturer offers an add-on bracket or frame.

Front plates are optional only if 1) the vehicle was not designed for a front plate and 2) the manufacturer did not provide an add-on bracket or other means of displaying the front plate. (NRS 482.275)

The DMV issues two plates (except motorcycles and trailers). If the second plate is not displayed, it is the owner's responsibility to store the second plate and surrender or return both plates to the department at the appropriate time.

License plates must at all times be securely fastened to the vehicle so as to prevent the plate from swinging and at a height not less than 12 inches from the ground, measuring from the bottom of such plate, in a place and position to be clearly visible. It must be maintained free from foreign materials and in a condition to be clearly legible.

License plate specifications call for plates to be readable from a distance of 100 feet during daylight. At night, plates must be readable from 110 feet when lit by standard headlights. Rear plates must display a decal with the month and year of expiration. (NRS 482.270)

The DMV reissues most plates every eight years to help ensure plates are readable and in good condition. See License Plate Reissue.


Registration decals which indicate the month and year of expiration are placed on the upper right-hand corner of the rear plate. Your registration expires on the exact date listed on the slip; it is not valid until the end of the month.

Nevada license plates are issued to people and businesses, not to vehicles. You may transfer your existing plates to a new vehicle. Plate transfers between individuals require a witnessed statement which can be completed at the DMV at the time of registration.

Plate Size

Motorcycles and trailers under 1,000 pounds gross weight are issued small plates. Trailers 1,000 pounds and over are issued a full-size plate.

Frames & Covers

Plate frames or covers are not prohibited as long as the above requirements are met and the plate is clearly legible.