License Plate Reissue

Nevada replaces nearly all license plates every eight years under a "rolling reissue" program.
Mailbox with License Plates

How It Works

If your license plates are more than eight years old, you may receive replacement license plates in the mail after you renew your registration. Please ensure we have your correct address.

Plates and decals are mailed separately. Place your new decal on your new plates when you receive them. DO NOT put the decal on your old plates. If you lose the decal or put it on the wrong plate, the fee for a duplicate decal is $5.00.

If your plates are unreadable and you are not due for a reissue, please order Duplicate License Plates.

Renewal Notification

Renewal postcards, web services and kiosks indicate whether you will be receiving plates. The plates are manufactured and mailed only after you renew the registration.

Renewal postcard without reissue
Renewal postcard without plate reissue
Renewal postcard with reissue
Renewal postcard with plate reissue
web reissue notice
Notice on an internet registration renewal


Registration renewals that include replacement plates will include a Prison Industry Fee of 50 cents per plate in addition to all other applicable registration fees.

Renewals may or may not include a Plate Cost Recovery Fee of $3.00 per plate depending on the style. Generally, this fee will be applied to plates with the standard Home Means Nevada background, including Classic Vehicle and similar plates.

Specialty plates already include a production fee with the renewal and will be charged only the Prison Industry Fee.

Recycling Old Plates

The DMV encourages our customers to recycle the old license plates with us to ensure proper disposal unless the original owner wishes to keep them. You can mail them to the Carson City DMV or return them to a DMV office. Please include a note specifying the reason for the return. No appointment is necessary.

Department of Motor Vehicles
Central Services Division
555 Wright Way
Carson City, NV 89711-0700

Plate Numbers & Styles

New plates will have the same number. Nearly all replacement plates will have embossed lettering.

Plates with the Sunset background will be converted to the Home Means Nevada background. Specialty plates will keep the same style.

Exempt Styles

Nearly all standard and specialty plates including discontinued plates are subject to the plate reissue.

The following plate styles are exempt:

  • Blue plates manufactured through December, 1981
  • Circa 1982 Replica plates manufactured through June, 2015
  • Nevada State Anniversary plates (150th and 125th)


The UNLV plate has been redesigned twice and the UNR plate has been updated once since they were first issued in 1993. Registered owners were not required to change to the new styles. Your plates will be reissued in the original style issued when purchased. If your reissued UNLV or UNR plates are the wrong style, the DMV will make the correct plates and mail them at no charge. Contact us.

Why It's Needed

faded license plates

The average life expectancy of a license plate is 5 to 10 years. As plates undergo general wear and tear, plate visibility becomes a public safety issue, significantly impacting the ability of law enforcement to identify license plates.

Physical damage, adhesion loss, fading, bubbling and corrosion are all factors that combine to reduce the ability of the human eye to read license plates. Reduced reflectivity further exacerbates law enforcement’s ability to identify plates, especially at night.

Nevada license plate specifications call for plates to be readable from a distance of 100 feet during daylight. At night, plates must be readable from 110 feet when lit by standard headlights.
(NRS 482.270)