Army Veteran

$25 of the initial fee and $20 of the annual renewal supports outreach programs and services for veterans and their families administered by Nevada Department of Veterans Services .

Army Veteran Plate
Total Fees
Numbering Initial Renewal
Sequential $61 $30
Personalized $96 $50

Any veteran or their spouse, parent, or child may purchase a veteran license plate. The applicant certifies that he or she qualifies by signing the Veteran License Plate Application form.

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Unit Decal Plates

The DMV is authorized to offer veterans plates with extra space for unit logos. Current insignias include Army Airborne, Navy Seabees, Air Force National Guard and Army National Guard.

In addition to the Veteran License Plate Application, you will have to provide Proof of Service in the unit on your DD-214 or service record.

Motorcycle plates with unit decals are not in stock and must be custom-ordered. Contact us or call for information.