Electric Vehicle

Available for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles that are wholly powered by an electric motor. Hybrids do not qualify.

Fees listed include the $33 Basic Registration Fee for your vehicle. These fees, less the specialty plate costs, fund road construction through the State Highway Fund. See 2019 Senate Bill 181 for more information.

Governmental Services Taxes and miscellaneous fees are charged in addition to the fees listed here.

Electric Vehicle plate
Total Fees
Numbering Initial Renewal
Sequential $90 $46
Personalized $125 $66

Sequential plates are in stock at DMV offices.

You may order personalized plates in person, by mail or by fax using the Standard and Personalized Electric Vehicle Plate Application (SP 98). If you are ordering personalized plates by mail or fax, please remit $125.

Use the Online Plate Search to search for available personalized plate numbers

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