1982 Replica

This is a replica of the official Nevada license plate that was issued from the 1960's until 1982. You are not required to surrender blue plates or order a new set so long as your existing plates are still readable. If you'd like to use original blue plates for registration you may do so if the plates are legible and the number is not in use on another vehicle.

1982 replica license plate
Total Fees
Numbering Initial Renewal
Sequential $26 $0
Personalized $61 $20

Circa 1982 plates are available for passenger and light commercial vehicles only. They are not available for motorcycles or trailers

Each set must be custom-ordered. Plates may take 8 to 9 weeks for delivery. Make an appointment for your DMV office visit as soon as you order the plates if you are visiting a Las Vegas metropolitan office or Reno.