Metropolitan offices in Reno, Las Vegas, and Henderson are appointment only for most transactions. Visit our online services to skip a trip to the DMV. If you don't need your appointment, please cancel it so it can be made  available for someone else.

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Calendar and Clock

General Services

  • Do not use this for a drive test!
  • Appointments are available up to 90 days away.
  • Choose the most similar transaction if yours is not listed.
  • One customer per appointment. Non-transferable.
  • Appointments for Reno are handled here.
  • CDL transactions can be handled without appointments at dedicated CDL offices.

Drive Tests

  • You must have a valid instruction permit to schedule online.
  • Drive tests are available up to 60 days away.
  • If your permit is expired, visit your local DMV office.
  • To change or cancel your test, visit an office or call.

Who Should Make An Appointment?

Appointments are required at the offices in Carson City, Henderson, Las Vegas and Reno.

See Online Services and Kiosks before you book an appointment.

Rural offices don't use the appointment system except for drive tests. Our locations page has a list of all offices and how they're classified.

You can only book appointments online. Please do not call or send an email - you won't be able to get an appointment without booking it here.

Did you order personal plates online? - Make an appointment to pick up your plates after ordering them. Please do not make an appointment at an office other than where your plates were sent.

"But what if I just went to a rural office instead?" The DMV strongly discourages traveling to a rural office to seek walk-in service. You may be denied service if rural offices have reached their maximum capacity while serving customers from their local area.

All customers must check in at the information counter and be in the building prior to closing. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early.

Business/Commercial Services - Do not schedule an appointment here. See Commercial Driver License, Motor Carrier and Occupational & Business Licensing for commercial services and locations. Dealers and registration services should use established procedures.

Drive Tests

Appointments for Drive Tests at all offices can be booked online or by telephone. You must call or visit an office to change or cancel a drive test.