Decorated Peace Officer

This plate is available for any decorated United States peace officer or their immediate family members. This plate must be ordered in person.

Home Means Nevada license plate
Total Fees
Numbering Initial Renewal
Sequential $7.50 $0

You must meet the requirements listed in form SP-91. Personalized versions are not available.

Decorated Peace Officer Qualifications

Applicants who meet the following qualifications may obtain Peace Officer plates for up to two vehicles.

A current or former peace officer who has received one or more of the following medals, or the equivalent thereof, for his or her service as a peace officer:

  • The Medal of Honor;
  • The Purple Heart;
  • The Medal of Valor;
  • The Lifesaving Medal;
  • The Meritorious Service Medal;
  • The Distinguished Service Medal; or
    • A family member of a person who was:

  • Killed in the line of duty while serving as a peace officer; and
  • Awarded posthumously the Medal of Honor, or the equivalent thereof, for his or her actions as a peace officer.