Previously-Issued Standard Plate Numbers

You may order a replacement license plate with any standard number that was once issued by the DMV and has not been in use for 18 months or longer.

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What Numbers Can I Get?

You may obtain any standard plate number ("123ABC") or special counter plate number ("Lake Tahoe 12345") provided:

  • it was once issued by the department, and one of the following:
  • the original registration has been expired for 18 months or longer, or
  • you have a License Plate Release form completed by the person who owns the plate.

The plate style will match the number you request. "123ABC" can be ordered in the Home Means Nevada or Circa 1982 styles only, "LT12345" will be the Lake Tahoe background and so forth.

If you wish to use an existing set of license plates that currently belong to someone else or have been expired for less than 18 months, the plate owner must complete a License Plate Release (SP 67). The current registration for the plate number will be canceled. Registration fee credits may not be transferred to the new owner.

  • Forms
  • Order In-Person

    Order In-Person

    Please bring the current plates for your vehicle into a DMV Office or County Assessor which offers vehicle registration services. We will issue a temporary movement permit for your vehicle and mail the new plates to you once they are manufactured.

  • Order by Mail/Fax

    Order by Mail/Fax

    If you wish to order by mail or fax, please include a check, money order or Payment Authorization and your daytime telephone number.

    Mail the order to the address on the form or fax it to (775) 684-4797.

    If your order is accepted, the plates will be sent to the DMV or County Assessor office you designate on the form and you will be notified by mail when they are ready to be picked up.

  • Vehicle Registration

    Vehicle Registration

    A $5 substitute plate fee will apply to change an existing registration whether you order in person or pick up your plates when ready.

    No registration renewal or emissions test is required if your registration is more than 35 days from renewal.

    If your renewal is due or you choose to renew the registration, you must provide a passing emissions test if required and the last test was completed more than 90 days prior. You will receive credit for the unused portion of your current registration if it is not due for renewal.