Vehicles in Business

Several separate Nevada Departments and Divisions are responsible for vehicle-related regulation.

Review the Business Types and Nevada Regulatory Agencies sections, then contact each agency which might affect your business.

Out-of-State Business Vehicles

You must obtain a DMV permit to operate an out-of-state business vehicle in Nevada.
See Movement Permits
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Business Types

Here are general guidelines for various business uses.

  • Private Passenger Vehicles for Delivery

    Private Passenger Vehicles for Delivery

    Persons using their own private passenger vehicles for delivery purposes (newspapers, food, runners, etc.) do not fall under additional regulation as long as they are under contract with only one business or a limited number of businesses.

    Nevada has higher liability insurance requirements for this type of service but the business typically carries the extra coverage. Contact your insurance agent.

  • Businesses Transporting Only Their Employees or Property

    Businesses Transporting Only Their Employees or Property

    Businesses operating in-state and operate vehicles under 10,001 pounds and transport only their own employees or property typically do not fall under any special vehicle-related regulation.

    An exception is Employer Van Pools, which are regulated by the Nevada Transportation Authority.

    Nevada has no special vehicle registration requirements or license plates for this type of vehicle. Businesses with ten or more vehicles qualify for Fleet registration.

    Any vehicle 26,001 pounds or more must be registered through Motor Carrier.

  • Pick-Up and Delivery Services

    Pick-Up and Delivery Services

    Persons or businesses offering pick-up and delivery services to the general public fall under state and federal Motor Carrier regulations.

    Higher liability insurance coverage is required.

    Household Goods movers must contact the Nevada Transportation Authority.

    All other goods carriers must contact DMV Motor Carrier.

  • Transporting People

    Transporting People

    Any person or business offering to transport people should contact both the Nevada Transportation Authority and DMV Motor Carrier.

    Businesses which transport people or property as an ancillary function of their main business may or may not be exempt from vehicle-related regulation.

  • Regulated Motor Carriers

    Regulated Motor Carriers

    Interstate Motor Carriers, Intrastate Goods Carriers and any business which transports placarded hazardous materials should contact both DMV Motor Carrier and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

    The Nevada State Police issues hazardous materials permits.

  • Businesses that Rent or Loan Vehicles

    Businesses that Rent or Loan Vehicles

    Any business which rents or loans vehicles to the public for any reason must contact DMV Occupational and Business Licensing.

    Vehicle dealers, garages, driving schools and nearly all vehicle-related businesses are licensed by DMV.

    Towing services are regulated by the Nevada Transportation Authority.

  • Transportation Network Companies, Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing

    Transportation Network Companies, Peer-to-Peer Sharing

    Transportation Network Companies such as Uber and Lyft are regulated by the Nevada Transportation Authority.

    Peer-to-peer car sharing companies are regulated by DMV Occupational and Business Licensing under similar regulations as vehicle dealers.

    Companies which test or operate Autonomous Vehicles are licensed by the DMV.

  • Fuel Suppliers, Dealers, Transporters and Exporters

    Fuel Suppliers, Dealers, Transporters and Exporters

    All fuel suppliers, dealers, transporters and exporters should contact DMV Motor Carrier. This includes propane, CNG, aviation fuel, etc.


Commercial Driver License

You must have a Commercial Driver License to drive any of the following vehicles:

  • Vehicles with a Gross or Combined Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 26,001 pounds or more.
  • Vehicles which transport 16 or more passengers, including the driver.
  • Vehicles which transport any amount of placarded hazardous materials.

A CDL may be desirable if you operate interstate or have vehicles with a weight rating greater than 10,001 pounds. See Commercial Driver Licensing and FMCSA CDL Overview.

Nevada does not issue a Chauffeurs License. However, the Nevada Transportation Authority issues driver permits for certificated passenger carriers and the Nevada Taxicab Authority issues permits for taxi drivers in Clark County.

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Vehicle Registration

Be sure to obtain the proper liability insurance for your vehicle and business use. Proof of Insurance from a Nevada-licensed carrier is required for all registrations.

Vehicles 26,000 pounds or less, which do not operate in interstate commerce, are registered at DMV Full Service offices. See Vehicle Registration. If you have 10 or more business vehicles, larger DMV offices have Fleets counters to make registration easier and you may qualify as a self-insurer. See Fleet Registration.

Vehicles 26,001 pounds or more and all vehicles which are used in interstate commerce are registered with DMV Motor Carrier.

Manufactured Homes are titled by the Manufactured Housing Division and taxed by County Assessors. Boats are registered with the Nevada Division of Wildlife. Nearly all trailers must be registered and titled through the DMV.

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Nevada Regulatory Agencies

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Nearly any Nevada business which transports people or property for hire or is part of the motor vehicle industry is subject to regulation.

This table lists various vehicle-related regulatory agencies and the specific industries they regulate. Be sure to contact each agency which may affect your business.

Nevada Transportation Authority

Charter Limousines, Charter Buses, Transportation Network Companies, Taxicabs outside Clark County, Non-Emergency Medical Transfer, Special Services, Airport Transfer and Tours. All Household Goods Movers, Intrastate Tour Operators, Tow Cars, Employer Van Pools.

  • 3300 W. Sahara Ave, Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV 89102, (702) 486-3303,
  • 1755 E. Plumb Lane, Suite 229, Reno, NV 89502, (775) 687-9790

Nevada Taxicab Authority

Taxicabs within Clark County.

DMV Motor Carrier

Interstate Motor Carriers (Trucking and Bus Lines), Intrastate Carriers of Common Goods (except Household Goods), and all Fuel Suppliers, Dealers and Related Businesses

  • 555 Wright Way, Carson City, Nevada 89711, (775) 684-4711, mchome.htm

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Nevada Office

Any business which operates interstate and has vehicles over 10,001 pounds, vehicles which transport 15 or more passengers or vehicles which transport placarded hazardous materials. Issues U.S. DOT numbers.

DMV Compliance Enforcement Division

Vehicle Dealers and Brokers, Rental Agencies, Manufacturers, Rebuilders, Transporters, Wreckers, Salvage Pools, Repair Shops, Body Shops, Emission Inspection Stations and Driving Schools.

Nevada Manufactured Housing Division

Manufactured Housing Dealers and Titles. Manufactured homes are taxed by County Assessors.


Other Contacts

Silver Flume

Silver Flume is a valuable tool to start and expand businesses, guiding you through State Business Licensing, Workers’ Compensation, Taxation and much more. The New Business Checklist can provide you a quick summary of which licenses you’ll need, estimated cost, and time to obtain licensing.

  • Nevada Secretary of State, 101 North Carson Street, Suite 3, Carson City, Nevada 89701, (775) 684-5708,

Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development

Demographics and resources. Links to regional development authorities.

  • 808 West Nye Lane, Carson City, Nevada 89703, (775) 687-9900, (800) 336-1600,
  • 555 East Washington Ave., Suite 5400, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101, (702) 486-2700, (800) 336-1600

Nevada Department of Transportation

Motorist, road and weather information, maps, overdimensional permits

  • 1263 South Stewart Street, Carson City, Nevada 89712, (775) 888-7000,

Nevada State Police

Commercial Enforcement, Hazardous Materials Permits, Emergency and Amber Light Permits

  • 555 Wright Way, Carson City, Nevada 89711, (775) 687-5300,

Nevada Division of Wildlife

Water Vessel Registration

Nevada Department of Taxation

General Business, Sales and Use Taxes, 10% Short-Term Lessor Fee

  • 1550 E. College Parkway, Carson City, Nevada 89706, (775) 684-2000,

Nevada State Legislature

Online access to Nevada Revised Statutes, Nevada Administrative Code, and State Legislators

  • 401 S. Carson St., Carson City, Nevada 89701, (775) 684-6800,