Motor Carrier Division

The Motor Carrier Division provides commercial vehicle registration for vehicles 26,001 pounds and over, IFTA licensing and collects all fuel taxes in the State of Nevada.

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Motor Carrier Laws

See also Overview of Motor Carrier regulations.

Chapter Number and Title Statutes Code
360a Administration of Certain Taxes and Fees on Fuels NRS --
365 Taxes on Certain Fuels for Motor Vehicles and Aircraft NRS NAC
366 Tax on Special Fuels NRS NAC
371 Governmental Services Tax on Vehicle Registrations NRS --
373 County Taxes on Fuels NRS --
459 Hazardous Materials NRS NAC
482 Non-Apportioned Vehicle Registration NRS NAC
483 Driver License NRS NAC
484 Traffic Laws (replaced by Chapters 484A - 484E below) NRS NAC
484A Traffic Laws Generally NRS --
484B Rules of the Road NRS --
484C Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or a Prohibited Substance NRS --
484D Equipment, Inspections and Size, Weight and Load of Vehicles NRS --
484E Accidents and Reports of Accidents NRS --
485 Insurance and Financial Responsibility NRS NAC
590 Petroleum Products and Antifreeze NRS NAC
706 Motor Carrier/Apportioned Registration NRS NAC
Title 49 Federal Laws and Regulations - Transportation USC CFR