Existing Motor Carriers

Daily use forms, renewals and changes for Nevada Motor Carriers.

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Call (775) 684-4711 option 1, send an email or use the Motor Carrier Comment form.

IFTA Tax Returns

Dyed Fuel Reminder

Using dyed fuel in a highway vehicle is strictly illegal! See the IRS Brochure.


File Online

File your IFTA tax return online at nv.motorcarrierconnect.com.

Don't have an account? Contact us and apply using the Motor Carrier Online User Access Request (MC 106).

Paper Returns

Fuel Tax Refunds

Firms may be eligible for tax refunds on fuel used for power take-offs, off-road use, non-highway equipment, etc.

Please contact Motor Carrier for the forms and instructions.

Daily Use Forms

Credential Returns

Credential Return Receipt (MC 021)

Motor Carrier is now offering electronic plate surrenders:

  • Complete the Credential Return Receipt (MC 021) and take a clear picture or scan it.
  • Take a picture or scan the cab card you want to surrender.
  • Take a picture of the plate you want to surrender.
  • Make sure you are emailing from the email address that is on your Motor Carrier account.
  • Send all of the above together to mctlc@dmv.nv.gov.

If these criteria are not met, your plates may not be surrendered. Electronic plate surrenders are for Motor Carrier plates only and we will not surrender regular DMV plates or registrations. Your documents will be processed in the order received and a receipt will be issued.

USDOT Number Changes


See Updating Your Registration or Authority and use FMCSA's legacy systems.


Motor carriers must notify the department within 10 days when the USDOT number for the Motor Carrier Responsible for Safety (MCRS) has changed (NRS 482.2912). Complete the form below and send via email to mctlc@dmv.nv.gov or mail to the address on the form. If you are reporting IFTA under this USDOT, please include a copy of your lease or business agreement. 

Motor Carrier Responsible for Safety Update Request


Nevada's maximum gross weight for registration from 80,000 pounds (lbs.) to 129,000 lbs. There is no need for a separate overweight/over length permit for reducible loads.

The Nevada DMV Motor Carrier Division issues overlength permits for vehicles with multiple trailers and reducible loads that exceed 70 feet in length (maximum weight is 129,000 pounds). Email mctic@dmv.nv.gov or call (775) 684-4711 for more information.

See NDOT Commercial Vehicle Permits and General Permit Information for Over Dimensional Permits and Letters of Instruction on route restrictions.

For Nevada-based carriers, Motor Carrier branch offices issue 24 hour permits (120 hours for buses) for temporary registration and special fuel taxes. Fees for registration are $5 plus 15 cents per mile. Special fuel permits are a flat $30. See also Motor Carrier Permits.

Amber Light and Hazardous Materials Permits

See Nevada State Police Highway Patrol Permits or call (775) 684-4622.

The State Police issue flashing amber light permits and 72-hour HazMat Permits. Nevada issues a maximum of one 72-hour permit during any three consecutive months per NAC 459.984.

Annual HazMat Permits

Carriers must obtain HazMat permits from their base state. Nevada is one of the states participating in the Uniform State Hazardous Materials Registration and Permitting Program.

Apply online at hazmatalliance.org.

See the State Police page for federal and state HazMat laws.