Motor Carrier Permits

Permits Required to Enter!

All carriers must obtain their permit(s) prior to entering the state or before traveling in Nevada. You may not travel to the nearest Motor Carrier office.
Semi Truck

Registration and Fuel Tax Trip Permits

Vehicles 10,000 pounds and under

Out-of-state commercial vehicles 10,000 pounds and under used in business in Nevada are required to obtain a Non-Resident Business Permit within 10 days of commencing operations. See Movement Permits.

Vehicles 10,001 pounds and higher

Out-of-state commercial vehicles with a Combined Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 10,001 pounds or more are required to get a registration permit before entering the state. Fuel tax permits are required for vehicles 26,001 pounds or more or any vehicle with three or more axles.

See the Tip Sheet for more information or call (775) 684-4711 option 1.

For Nevada-based carriers, Motor Carrier branch offices issue 24 hour permits (120 hours for buses) for temporary registration and special fuel taxes. Fees for registration are $5 plus 15 cents per mile. Special fuel permits are a flat $30.

To purchase permits, please contact one of the vendors listed below (additional fees apply).

Vendor Telephone
ADK/Mid-Cal (800) 257-4568
Air & Lube Systems (916) 381-5588
Comdata Inc. (800) 749-6058
Custom Permit Service (800) 669-5014
Ernie’s Mobile Home Transport (888) 711-9922
EZ Permit Pro (951) 444-9032
Highway Permits Co. LLC (888) 731-0312
Go Big Permits (951) 677-8316
JJ Keller & Associates (800) 231-5266
On The Move Permits (727) 942-2006
Permit America Inc. (866) 573-7648
Quality Permits (909) 748-7715
Reliable Permit Solutions (888) 949-4220
T-Chek Systems (866) 351-2435
The Permit Company (800) 331-0418
Transmit/Transmid America (800) 228-7577
Waypoint Permits (909) 275-7111
West Chester Permit (800) 734-3544
West Coast Services LLC (888) 737-6488


The State of Nevada contracts with permit vendors to sell trip and fuel permits.  Vendors enter into a contract with the state, maintain a $50,000 bond and are required to meet specific Worker’s Compensation insurance requirements. If you are interested in becoming a trip permit vendor, please contact Patty Stanfield at (775) 684-4656 or by email at

Over Dimensional Permits

Nevada has no ports of entry. Maximum Cab Card Weight is 129,000 pounds. Carriers operating in excess of 80,000 pounds must register apportioned in their base state.


The Nevada DMV Motor Carrier Division issues over-length permits for vehicles with multiple trailers and reducible loads that exceed 70 feet in length (maximum weight is 129,000 pounds). Email or call (775) 684-4711 option 1.

Oversize and Overweight

The Nevada Department of Transportation is the best source for current permit information on all oversized and overweight vehicles including the latest route conditions, prohibitions and restrictions.

The NDOT Commercial Vehicle Permits Office issues permits for over-dimensional vehicles/loads. Call (800) 552-2127 or (775) 888-7410. Please do not call NDOT for information on the temporary trip and fuel permits listed above.

The following characteristics require an NDOT permit:

  • Non-reducible vehicles/loads that exceed:
    8 feet, 6 inches in width
    14 feet in height
    10 feet in overhang
    70 feet in length
    80,000 pounds
  • Motor trucks that exceed 40 feet in length.
  • Buses that exceed 45 feet in length.

Amber Light and Hazardous Materials Permits

Permits for amber lights, emergency vehicle lights and hazardous materials permits are issued by Nevada State Police Highway Patrol Permit Office.

All permits must be obtained prior to entering Nevada.

Nevada is one of the states participating in the Uniform State Hazardous Materials Registration and Permitting Program. Apply for annual hazmat permits online at