Occupational & Business Licensing

The DMV Occupational and Business Licensing section licenses most businesses in vehicle industries and driving schools. See the specific sections below. Vehicles in Business has a complete list of Nevada agencies that regulate transportation.

Emissions Changes  New!

New vehicles are now exempt from emissions tests until the fourth registration. Tests were previously required upon the third registration. See 2021 Assembly Bill 349 for additional changes in emissions fees and upcoming changes in classic vehicle registration.

CDL Drive School Registry  New!

Any entity that provides training for entry-level commercial drivers must be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as of February 7, 2022. See Driving Schools for details.

Technology Fee - Applications Now Rejected

The Department of Motor Vehicles is no longer collecting the $1 Technology Fee.  Please do not remit the Technology Fee with any transaction. It has been removed from our websites, online transactions, all DMV forms and most of our publications.

Payments with the Technology Fee included are being returned.  Rejected payments must be resubmitted within 10 days to avoid late fees.

Title Fees

Complete change of ownership on any vehicle 28.25
Duplicate Nevada Certificate of Title sent to a Nevada address 20.00
Duplicate Nevada Certificate of Title sent out of state 35.00
Add/Drop Legal Owners without a complete change of ownership 20.00
Change an out-of-state title to Nevada with no change of ownership 20.00
Expedited processing fee (in addition to title fees) 20.00
Expedited Shipping fee (in addition to title fees) 20.00

Drive-Away Permits

Special Drive-Away Permits are now valid for 30 days rather than 15. The fees charged for permit books and permits issued over the counter will remain the same. This new law was passed in Senate Bill 60 of the 2021 Legislative Session and became effective on July 1.

Due to the short deadline, programming changes in the DMV Application haven’t been completed yet. Updates to the printed forms are also in progress. 

Dealers can continue to use their current stock of Drive-Away Permit books (VP-110) until revised forms are printed and available at OBL offices. Dealers may correct the forms by hand to show the 30-day length of time.  If a dealer is low on stock, OBL offices can continue to distribute the old stock to dealers.  It’s estimated that the new stock of revised printed forms will be available in 6-8 weeks.

Odometer Disclosure/Secure Power of Attorney

Odometer Disclosure is required on all 2011 and newer vehicles and must be completed on a secure form such as a Title, Dealer Reassignment of Title or a Secure Power of Attorney.

Non-Secure Power of Attorney forms will no longer be accepted as of August 1.  The DMV recognizes this will be a burden on the vehicle industry. However, the extended disclosure period and secure form requirements are both mandated by federal regulations, 49 CFR 580

Lienholders must obtain a Secure Power of Attorney from both the buyer and seller if the title is not present at the time of sale. Section A on the Secure Power of Attorney is completed by the seller giving the financial institution Power of Attorney. Section B is completed by the buyer giving the financial institution Power of Attorney. Section C is completed by the financial institution so they may sign on  behalf of both customers. Again, this applies to all 2011 and newer vehicles.  

2011 vehicles did not become odometer exempt on January 1, 2021. You must complete an Odometer Disclosure on any 2011 or newer vehicle.

Effective January 1, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requires odometer disclosures until vehicles are 20 years old, beginning with vehicles of the 2011 model year. The previous rule was 10 years.

You must disclose the mileage even if the title or Dealer Reassignment form says "Exempt - Model year over 9 years old." Titles and forms now being issued reflect the new rule.

Vehicles that are weight exempt (over 16,000 pounds GVWR) remain exempt under the new rule.

More About Disclosure

2011 vehicles will become exempt from odometer disclosure in the year 2031. 2012 vehicles will be exempt in 2032 and so on. See the News Release for more information.

Watch your trade-ins:

  • Vehicle ownership transfers using a bill of sale and application for duplicate title and/or multiple bills of sale will not be allowed for model year 2011 and newer vehicles.
  • Multiple private party sales will not be allowed for model year 2011 and newer vehicles.
  • You must use a Secure Power of Attorney on 2011 and newer vehicles if you use a POA.
Odometer Section of Title showing a nine-year exemption period
The Odometer Reading section of a Nevada title issued under the old disclosure rule that states “Exempt - Model year over 9 years old.” The reading must be entered for any vehicle 2011 or newer even if this statement is present.
Odometer Section of Title
The Odometer Reading section of a Nevada title which reflects the new rule.

DMV Now Accepts E-Signatures  New!

Due to State and Federal regulation/rule changes over the past several years and changing DMV business model, the Department is able to accept electronic notary and e-signature on physical and digital forms. This coincides with practices already existing in the Title Section and streamlines the ability to accept and process e-signatures.

More About E-Signatures

The new process allows an applicant to submit a form prescribed by the Department with an e-signature and/or e-notary if authentication requirements are met:

  • Association of signature with the record/form/transaction must be easily identified (e.g. John Smith’s e-signature appears on an Erasure Affidavit for a title in his name)
  • Authentication must be present i.e. printed name of the signatory, timestamps, date of each signature, who sent and viewed the document
  • Electronic Notary must contain an electronic seal and electronic signature

The electronic signature acceptance process will mirror that of current DMV transactions:

  • An applicant may submit forms prescribed and approved by the DMV with an e-signature if authentication requirements are met
  • The DMV will approve or deny a form based on current policy and procedure for the transaction being completed

Note: An existing original title or manufacturer’s certificate of origin, will be denied if submitted with e-signatures for transfer of ownership at this time

E-signatures may be accepted on most DMV prescribed forms and may not be denied solely because the signature is electronic.

The Department has created the following checklist for customers with questions:
E-Signature Checklist

Vehicle Industry Online Services and Forms

Placard Date Calculator

+ 30 days:   

Online Services

Motor Vehicle Industry Portal  |  Tutorial (PDF)
EDRS entry and business license information.

EDRS Entry Quick Reference  |  EDRS Update Quick Reference

EDRS Dealer Manual

SecureETag Placard System  |  User Guide

SecureETag Quick Reference - Data Entry  |  Seal Supplies

E-Signature Checklist  New!

Online Original Vehicle Registration  |  Customer Flier
Buyers can transfer existing plates or receive new plates by mail. We are now offering many specialty plates online! See Online Registration for a list.

Business License Renewal

Business License Verification

Body Shop Salvage Pool
Broker Wrecker
Dealer Emission Stations
Off-Highway Dealer Emission Referee
Garage Registration DUI School
Manufacturer Professional School
Rebuilder Traffic Safety School

Salvage Pool Private Bidder Verification

Body Shop Labor Rate Survey  |  Survey Results
Body shops are required to complete this survey prior to their annual license renewal. Shops that miss the April 30 deadline for business license renewal must still complete the survey online, but may not use the online license renewal. Results do not include shops which missed the deadline.

Electronic Lien and Title Information



Vehicle Industry Licensing

Salesperson Licensing

  • Salesperson Licensing Packet (OBL 337)
    All enclosed forms must be completed.
    License Surrender: When a salesperson is terminated, the dealer must surrender that person's license to the DMV within 10 days.

Business Licensing

Chapter 482 - Motor Vehicles and Trailers: Licensing, Registration, Sales and Leases NRS NAC
Chapter 490 - Off-Highway Vehicles NRS NAC
Chapter 97  -  Retail Installment Sales of Goods and Services NRS NAC
See also Vehicle Sales Contracts from the Nevada Division of Financial Institutions.
Chapter 487 - Repair, Removal and Disposal of Vehicles (Body Shop and Garage) NRS NAC
Chapter 108 - Lien Sales NRS NAC
Chapter 597 - Miscellaneous Trade Regulations and Prohibited Acts (Body Shop and Garage) NRS --

Garage Registration

Emissions Stations

See Emissions - Handbooks and Tools for inspector licensing, online services and more.

Inspector Licensing

Business Licensing

Chapter 445B - Air Pollution NRS NAC

Driving Schools

New FMCSA Registry for CDL Schools  New!

Beginning February 7, 2022, any entity that provides commercial motor vehicle training for entry-level drivers must be registered with FMCSA and listed on the Training Provider Registry. FMCSA will maintain the official list of registered, self-certified training providers on the Training Provider Registry website. Drivers must complete their entry-level driver training from a training provider listed in the Training Provider Registry to be eligible to take the required commercial driver’s license (CDL) skills or knowledge tests. Training providers must also register to electronically submit a driver’s certification of successful completion of training, as required by the ELDT regulations.
Training Providers must self-certify that they meet the following requirements set forth in 49 CFR 380.703:

  • Follow a curriculum that meets the applicable criteria in Appendices A-E of Part 380;
  • Utilize facilities meeting the criteria in § 380.709;
  • Utilize vehicles meeting the criteria in § 380.711;
  • Utilize instructors meeting the criteria in § 380.713;
  • Meet recordkeeping requirements in § 380.725;
  • Be licensed, certified, registered, or authorized to provide training in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of any State where in-person training is conducted.

To learn more about ELDT and the Training Provider Registry, visit: https://tpr.fmcsa.dot.gov.

Instructor Licensing

Business Licensing

Third Party CDL Certifiers

See Commercial Licensing.

Chapter 483 - Driver Licenses; Driving Schools and Driving Instructors NRS NAC

OBL Office Locations

These offices are for business license services only. If you are not a current or prospective licensee, please call one of the main numbers as listed in Office Locations or send an email.

Carson City
555 Wright Way
Carson City, NV 89711-0400
8a-5p M-F | Get Map
(775) 684-4690

1399 American Pacific Dr.
Henderson, NV 89074
8a-5p M-F | Get Map
(702) 486-1371

Las Vegas - East Sahara
2621 E. Sahara Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89104-4136
8a-5p M-F | Get Map
(702) 486-4930

Las Vegas - West Flamingo
8250 W. Flamingo Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89147-4111
8a-4:30p M-F | Get Map
(702) 486-8620

9155 Double Diamond Parkway
Reno, NV 89521
8a-5p M-F | Get Map
(775) 684-3564

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