Odometer Reading Pilot Program

Odometer Readings Required at Registration!

We will use the reading from your smog check if you had a test completed. If not, have your current mileage ready for any vehicle registration or renewal.

Motorcycles, mopeds, recreational vehicles and trailers are exempt.

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Odometer Laws

Nevada Pilot Program

The Nevada Legislature has directed the DMV to gather odometer readings during most vehicle registration transactions. It's the law! The pilot project runs through December 31, 2026.

Two legislative bills, Assembly Bill 483 from the 2019 session and Senate Bill 371 from the 2021 session, direct the DMV to gather an odometer reading at the time of any original vehicle registration, registration renewal or vehicle sale.

The mileage data will help legislators plan for future road construction.

Data from odometer readings become part of your vehicle history and are used to compile reports of total miles driven for the Legislature. There are no fees, taxes or fines associated with this program.

New Federal Rule

The federal odometer disclosure period has been extended from 10 years to 20 years, beginning with 2011 vehicles. This is separate from the state pilot program.

You must obtain a title or Secure Power of Attorney to transfer ownership on 2011 or newer vehicles. See Private Party Vehicle Sales or Occupational and Business Licensing for more details.


HOW do I report the odometer reading?

If you register or renew using DMV alternate services, the kiosk or web page will contain a field for the odometer. If you are at a DMV office, the technician will ask for your odometer reading. The notification postcard for mailed renewals includes a space for the reading.

If your vehicle requires an emission test, an odometer reading will be collected at that time. You may use that reading or the updated mileage since the test was completed.

WHERE do I view the reports?

The DMV is required to compile mileage results every six months. Here are the reports:

WHY do I have to provide my reading? WHAT are the laws and regulations? WHAT are the results?

The collection of odometer readings is required by law to assist our legislature in evaluating our highway construction and maintenance needs for Nevadans. The DMV reports results every six months.

Laws and Regulations: 2019 Assembly Bill 483 | Nevada Administrative Code R097-19 | 2021 Senate Bill 371

See also 2019 Senate Concurrent Resolution 3.

WHO is required to report their odometer reading? WHO is exempt?

The following vehicle types are included and are REQUIRED to provide a current odometer reading for each new and renewed registration: (All Fuel Types including Alternative Fuels and Electric, all sizes and weights)

  • Passenger Cars
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Truck/Tractor’s

The following vehicle types are EXEMPT from submitting an odometer reading at the time of registration:

  • Motorcycle or Moped
  • RV’s - Motor Homes
  • Vehicles Registered as Farm Vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles registered under the International Registration Plan (IRP) with a declared gross weight in excess of 10,000 pounds.

I don’t have access to my odometer reading.

If you are unable to obtain the odometer reading at the time of registration and it was not received electronically with an emissions test, you must contact the DMV Call Center.

My vehicle is not being driven in Nevada.

The mileage data is not based on where the vehicle is being driven, only the number of miles. The law requires your odometer reading be reported at the time of any new registration or renewal regardless of the vehicle's location.

Are there any fees?

This pilot is for collection of mileage information only. There are no fees, taxes or fines associated.

WHAT if I report my mileage incorrectly?

Data from odometer readings become a part of your vehicle history and could impact the value of your vehicle at the time of sale or trade in.

You may correct an odometer entry error on your next registration renewal.

WHAT if I don’t provide my odometer reading?

Your odometer reading will be received electronically via your emissions test. However, if you’re not required to test and you don’t provide your odometer reading, you will be unable to renew your registration online or at a kiosk. You will be required to renew in person at a local DMV office.

WHAT effect will this program have on vehicles with Classic Vehicle license plates and the associated emissions exemption?

This odometer program has no effect. The laws regarding Classic Vehicle, Classic Rod and Old Timer license plates have not changed. These vehicles are already required to report their odometer reading each year in order to qualify for the emissions testing exemption. See Classic Vehicles.

HOW do I know if my vehicle is registered as a Farm Vehicle?

The Farmer/Rancher Affidavit was required at the time of registration for qualified individuals and their vehicles. For more information regarding registering a Farm Vehicle, see the Farmer/Rancher Affidavit.

HOW do I know if my commercial vehicle is exempt?

Vehicles registered under the International Registration Plan (IRP) with a declared gross weight rating over 10,000 pounds are exempt from this reporting requirement. Other commercial vehicles are not. Please contact the Motor Carrier Division at (775) 684-4711 with questions.

WHO do I contact with questions or concerns?

DMV-specific questions should be directed to Contact Us.

Questions/concerns specifically related to legislation should be directed to your local lawmakers.

Nevada Legislature

2019 Assembly Bill 483

2021 Senate Bill 371

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