How to Read Your Ten-Year or School Bus Driver History

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General Information

DMV driver history records are separate from court and criminal history records. Changes and time limits in your driver history printout do not affect any records kept by courts or law enforcement.

See How to Read Your Three-Year History if you have obtained one of these reports.

Sample Driving Record

Pictured below is a sample 10 year history obtained from the DMV Records Section. Driver histories obtained from the DMV web site are 3-year histories and do not include withdrawal actions. See explanations below for information about an item.

Drivers License record sample page 1
Ten Year History Page One

Drivers License record sample page 2
Ten Year History Page Two

Conviction and Withdrawal Code Lists

Item Detail

Page 1

DLN/ID — Nevada driver license or identification card number.
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State of Record — NV for drivers who are licensed in Nevada.
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Personal Information — Name, date of birth and physical description.
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Medical Certificate Expiry, Status and Self Certification — Most commercial drivers are required to pass a physical examination every two years and keep a current medical certificate on file. Commercial drivers are also required to certify the type of driving they do. See CDL Self Certification.
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Mailing and Physical Address — The address information on file with the department. The physical address appears on the license.
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Licn Type, Class and Restrictions — Individuals may possess an identification card, a Non-Commercial Driver License or Commercial Driver License. Types and classes are listed below.

See Endorsements and Restrictions or NAC Chapter 483.

License and ID Card Types
Type of Card/
License Class
ID Card Nevada Identification Card
NCDL Non-Commercial Driver License
CDL Commercial Driver License
Class A Vehicles 26.001 pounds or more; trailers 10,001 pounds or more
Class B Vehicles 26,001 pounds or more; trailers 10,000 pounds or less
Class C Vehicles 26,000 pounds or less; trailers 10,000 pounds or less
Class M Motorcycle

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Status — Indicates whether the license or ID is valid, expired, suspended, revoked, or canceled.
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Permit — Indicates whether the license is a normal driver license, an instruction permit or an ID card.
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Issue Date — The latest date a valid license or card was issued. This is not the original issue date if you have renewed, received a duplicate or made any other change in your license. To receive proof of the date you first received a Nevada license, you must complete and mail an Application for Individual Record Information (IR 002).
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Expiration Date — The date the license will expire. Licenses expire on your birthday four years after issuance or, if applicable, on the date of immigration expiration/departure. See Driver License Renewal Options.
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Endorsements — Endorsement F is a limited commercial licensing exemption which allows firefighters, farm employees or active duty military members to drive large vehicles related to their duties. Endorsement J enables a Class C license holder to tow a vehicle over 10,000 pounds GVWR. Commercial drivers may hold many different endorsements including P for passengers.
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Withdrawal Listings — An action that results in the motorist losing driving privileges in Nevada. Please note that withdrawal listings appear only on your 10-year driver history. They do not appear on 3-year histories.

Wdrl Type — Withdrawal Type. The reason for a driver license suspension, revocation, cancellation or denial. Potential withdrawals which were cleared before they took effect are listed here as well. See Code Search.

In the above example, the motorist had several potential withdrawals:

FTA Failure to Appear in Court
IPC Revocation under the Illegal Per Se law for blood alcohol level above .08% following arrest and DMV Hearing
DDY Revocation under the Illegal Per Se law for blood alcohol level above .08% following criminal conviction
CYY Failure to Pay DUI Victim's Fee

Only one of these potential withdrawals actually took effect — the IPC withdrawal related to a DUI offense. The motorist reinstated his license and regain driving privileges on January 18, 2014. The DDY withdrawal did not take effect as the motorist had already been revoked for the same offense under the IPC withdrawal.

The FTA and CYY withdrawals did not take effect as the motorist was cleared by the court before the begin date.
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Stop Code — Indicates the withdrawal action was stopped before the license was actually suspended, revoked or canceled.
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Court Code and Case/Citation Number — The court which has jurisdiction over the traffic citation or criminal conviction and the case number on file with that court. Only convictions are reported to DMV. Cases which are dismissed or reduced to non-moving violations are not reported. Out-of-state courts are listed as 999. See Code Search.
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Begin Date — The date a license withdrawal began or was scheduled to begin.
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End Date — The date that a license withdrawal was cleared or the date that a withdrawal was scheduled to end if the offense has a specific period outlined in Nevada law. For example, a first DUI conviction carries a specific revocation period of 185 days. Other offenses have no set periods.

Note: The End Date is not an indication that a motorist's driving privileges have been restored. The driver must follow all reinstatement requirements and physically apply for a new license. The reinstatement will then be listed under "Reinst Dt".

If the end date listed is prior to the begin date, the motorist cleared the withdrawal action before the license was actually suspended or revoked. No license withdrawal occurred.
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Status — Indicates the type of license withdrawal, i.e. Suspended, Revoked or Canceled. "Cleared" indicates that a potential withdrawal was cleared before any action was taken.
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Reason Code — These are the codes reported to the national Problem Driver Pointer System and available to all 50 states. They are essentially the same as the Nevada Withdrawal Codes. BLK stands for blocked, meaning no withdrawal action was taken.
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State — Shows the state which initiated the withdrawal.
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Reinst Dt — The date the motorist reinstated his Nevada driving privileges.
NCDL = Non-Commercial License. CDL = Commercial License.
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Page 2

Conviction Listings — These are listings of moving violations in which the motorist was convicted of the offense by a court of law. DMV is not notified of offenses which are dismissed or reduced to non-moving violations.
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Demerit Points — The number of active demerit points. Points are assigned upon conviction of an offense and expire 12 months after the conviction date. An accumulation of 12 or more points within 12 months results in a license suspension. The first number in the violation code (Viol Code) indicates the number of points for that offense. See Demerit Points for more information and Code Search for listings of offenses and points assigned.
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Cite Date and Conv Date — The dates the citation (Cite) was issued by law enforcement and the date the motorist was convicted (Conv) by the court of jurisdiction.
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State and Court — The state where the court of jurisdiction in the case is located and the DMV code for Nevada courts. Out-of-state courts are listed as 999. See Code Search.
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Viol Code and Off Ty — Violation code and offense type. See Code Search for a list of codes and offenses. Offense Type is the code reported to the national Problem Driver Pointer System and available to all 50 states.
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CMV Off and Haz Mat — Indicates whether the offense was committed in a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) and whether the vehicle was carrying hazardous materials (Haz Mat).
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Citation Number — The case number on file with law enforcement and the court. If the offense resulted in a license withdrawal, the case number here should match the number in the Withdrawal Listings.
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