Driving Schools

Types of Schools

The DMV licenses private driving schools and instructors in Nevada. There are three broad categories of schools:

  • Schools for Training Drivers - Schools that teach beginning drivers. These are further categorized by whether they offer minor driver education, general classroom courses or behind-the-wheel training.
  • Traffic Safety - Schools that offer courses for drivers who have received traffic citations. These courses are taken either as part of a plea bargain with a court, for demerit point reductions, or to help reduce increases in insurance premiums.
  • DUI - Schools that offer courses specifically for Driving Under the Influence court cases.

Driving instruction offered in the state's schools and colleges follow standards set by the Department of Education. They are not regulated by the DMV and are not listed on our website.


Commercial Drivers

Entry-level commercial drivers must obtain training from a provider listed in the national Training Provider Registry. See Commercial Learner Permits for more information.