Commercial Learner Permits

Nevada Residents Only!

Nevada does not issue "Non-Domiciled" Commercial Learner Permits to residents of other U.S. jurisdictions.

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Training Requirements

Entry-level commercial drivers must complete training from a provider listed in the federal Training Provider Registry. This includes drivers applying to:

  • obtain a Class A or Class B CDL for the first time;
  • upgrade an existing Class B CDL to a Class A CDL; or
  • obtain a school bus (S), passenger (P), or hazardous materials (H) endorsement for the first time.

Applicants must successfully complete training before they will be permitted to take the CDL skills test or, in the case of the H endorsement, the knowledge test.

The regulations do not apply to individuals that are not required to have a CDL as outlined in 49 CFR Part 383.3. This includes military members, firefighters and others.

Visit the Training Provider Registry for a list of providers and more details on exemptions and the ELDT program.

Prior to selecting a school to attend in Nevada from the Training Provider Registry, please verify the school is listed in Business License Verification. If the school is not on the list, then your ELDT results may not be accepted by the DMV since the school does not have a DMV Business License.


CLP Requirements

Nevada issues Commercial Learner Permits (CLP) that are valid for 180 days. You must obtain a CLP if:

  • this is an initial issuance of a CDL
  • you are upgrading a CDL to a higher class, adding an endorsement or removing a restriction that requires a skills test and the upgrade requires a skills test
  • your CDL privileges have been invalid for more than 4 years

How to Apply

You must apply in person at a CDL Office and meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a valid Nevada non-commercial or commercial driver's license
  • Present Proof of Identity and Residency as outlined below.
  • Certify the type of driving you will do. See Self-Certification.
  • Present a valid Medical Examination Certificate if required.
  • Pass all of the required knowledge tests for your license class and endorsements.
  • Interpreters are not allowed for testing.
  • List all states where you have held any commercial or non-commercial driver's license in the past ten years. We will check your driving history in each state.
  • You must complete an Application for Commercial Driving Privileges (CDL 002):
    English  |  Spanish  |  Tagalog
  • Fees are listed on the CDL Offices page.

License Classes and Endorsements

You must choose which class of CDL you will receive based on the type of vehicle you will be driving. See the following:

A CLP may have only the following endorsements. No others may be listed.

  • Passenger (P). The P restriction must be added.
  • School Bus (S). The P restriction must be added.
  • Tanker (N). The X restriction must be added.

All other endorsements are added to the CDL once you pass the appropriate knowledge test.

For more information on school buses, see Section 10 of the CDL Handbook.

If you wish to change vehicle class, endorsements or restrictions that require a skills test, you must obtain a new CLP and all CLP rules start over.

  • Age Restrictions

    Age Restrictions

    • You must be at least 21 years of age to be issued a CDL to operate a commercial motor vehicle in interstate commerce and to receive endorsements for passengers or hazardous materials.
    • You must be at least 25 to receive an endorsement for vehicle combinations over 70 feet in length.
    • CDLs issued to applicants age 18 to 20 will contain Restriction R (no passengers or hazmat) and Restriction 2 (intrastate commerce only).
  • Driving with a CLP

    Driving with a CLP

    You may drive only under the direct supervision of a CDL holder who:

    • Is at least 25 years of age
    • Has been issued a CDL for the proper class and endorsements necessary for the type of vehicle being operated
    • Has had at least 1 year of licensed commercial driving experience in the class and endorsement necessary for the type of vehicle for which the CLP was issued
    • Must at all times be physically present in the front seat of the vehicle next to the CLP holder, or in the case of a passenger vehicle, directly behind or in the first row behind the driver

    A CLP holder with a (N) tanker endorsement may only operate an empty tank vehicle and is prohibited from operating any tank vehicle that previously contained hazardous materials that has not been purged of any residue.

  • CLP Expiration and Renewal

    CLP Expiration and Renewal

    A Commercial Learner's Permit is valid for 180 days from the date of issuance. Permits can be renewed, but you may have to retake tests.

    Plan ahead and avoid these pitfalls:

    • If you renew your CLP, you will need to retake all CDL skills tests even if you have passed one or more portions. Skills tests may not be banked.
    • If your CLP is expired for more than 30 days, you must retake all knowledge tests.
    • If you renew your CLP a second time, you must retake all knowledge tests.
  • Skills Testing

    Skills Testing

    You must hold a CLP for at least 14 days prior to any skills test. If your testing will be done by a Third Party Certifier, it must be scheduled at least four days in advance. Interpreters are not allowed during skills testing.

    • DMV skills tests are administered only by appointment at CDL Offices. Be sure to review the Skills Test Requirements.
    • A number of larger companies and organizations employ Third-Party Certifiers to test their employees.
    • Some commercial driving schools employ Third Party Certifiers.

    The fee to complete a CLP and issue a CDL is $58.25.

  • Out of State Issues and Answers

    Out of State Issues and Answers

    • Nevada CLP holders may complete their skills tests in another state.
    • Out-of-state CLP holders may not be skills tested in Nevada.
    • Nevada does not issue "Non-Domiciled" CLPs.
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Proof of Identity and Residency

All documents must be valid originals or certified copies that were issued in the United States (except foreign passports). The DMV does not accept photocopies.

You may choose a either Real ID compliant license or a standard CDL. Please review the following lists and choose the card that is right for you.

Real ID driver license

An ID card issued in compliance with the Real ID Act of 2005 is marked by a gold Nevada outline with a star cutout. It is a valid ID for boarding aircraft, entering federal facilities where ID is required or entering nuclear power plants.

See the Real ID Act in Nevada for more. Visit for an interactive checklist or en Español.

Proof of Identity

Proof of Name Change(s)

Proof of Social Security Number

Proof of Nevada Residential Address

Standard Nevada License

Standard Nevada ID card

A standard Nevada license does not meet Real ID requirements. It is marked "NOT FOR REAL ID PURPOSES."

As of May 7, 2025, these cards will not be accepted as identification for boarding aircraft. They are not currently accepted for entering federal facilities where ID is required or entering nuclear power plants.

Proof of Identity

Proof of Name Change(s)

Proof of Social Security Number

Proof of Nevada Residential Address