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Nevada driver history reports list codes for courts, offenses and actions against a motorist's license.
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The court of jurisdiction in the case. Only Nevada courts are listed. Out-of-state codes are not valid.

The violation or offense type of the infraction.

Withdrawal Type. The reason for a driver license suspension, revocation, cancellation or denial. Withdrawals are not listed on 3-year printouts.

Searches for specific text in the code descriptions and courts. Exact matches only.


Court, violation and offense type codes Withdrawal codes

Codes are listed in the "Conviction" and "Withdrawal" sections of a driver history printout. Withdrawals are listed only on 10-year and school bus histories, not on 3-year histories. Enter codes in any or all fields and click "Search".

Violation codes are used only by the Nevada DMV. "Off Ty" or Offense Type codes are standardized codes used by all 50 states in the Problem Driver Pointer System.

See also How to Read Your 3-Year History or How to Read Your 10-Year History.