Driver History Reports

Privacy Laws

The DMV follows state and federal privacy laws. We do not accept driver history requests by telephone or email.

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What To Know

Original Issue Date: Uber/Lyft drivers who need their original driver's license issue date must complete and mail an IR-002 Records Application. See the mail option below. This date is not listed on an internet or kiosk driver history.

Former residents who need their license number or other information must also complete the IR-002 application.

Employers, insurance companies and other third parties must open a records account. See Public Records Access.

Get Your History

3-year driver histories do not contain a list of license suspensions or revocations. Choose a 10-year history if you need this information.

  • Internet


    The DMV's Online Driver History printout is easy, fast and secure. Have your Nevada driver license or ID card ready.

    Get It Online Now or use MyDMV.

    The fee is $7.00. Your 3-year or 10-year history is delivered online while you wait. You must print this report at the time you use the service.

  • In Person and Kiosks

    In Person and Kiosks

    You may receive a 3-year, School Bus or 10-year history from self-service kiosks at larger DMV offices and a number of partner locations. See Kiosk Services.

    Any DMV office may issue a history. There is no form to complete but you will need the information from your license.

    The fee is $7.00 plus a $1.25 kiosk processing fee. If you need a certified copy, contact the Records Section as listed under Mail.

  • Mail


    Records may be obtained from the DMV Records Section. You must complete and mail an Application for Individual Record Information (IR 002). The fee is $7.00. Please enclose a check or money order payable to DMV. If you need a certified copy, please enclose an additional $4.00 Certification Fee.

    DMV Records Section
    555 Wright Way
    Carson City, NV 89711-0250

    (702) 486-4368 - Las Vegas Area
    (775) 684-4590 - Reno/Sparks/Carson City

Crashes and Convictions

Information about traffic crashes and convictions become part of your driving record. Traffic violations that occur in other states are added to your Nevada driving record if they result in a conviction.

Most violations are reported to your insurance company and employers for 3 years. A driver license suspension or revocation will be reported indefinitely if the license is not reinstated.

Information on most serious violations is available to all 50 state DMV's for a period of ten years after the conviction or license reinstatement.

Convictions remain on file with the court which handled the case and in state and local criminal history files. Time limits and changes in your driving record do not affect these records in any way. The Nevada State Police Records, Communications and Compliance Division maintains Nevada criminal history records.