Diesel Emissions

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Light-Duty Testing

Light duty diesel vehicles undergo testing on a dynamometer. The technician will also perform an opacity test and a visual inspection of the emissions components.

Waiver requirements for vehicles that fail to pass even after repairs are listed in Diesel Emissions Requirements.

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Diesel-powered cars and trucks need an annual emissions test if they:

  • have a manufacturer's Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 14,000 pounds or less, and
  • are based in the testing areas of Clark or Washoe county, and
  • are 1968 model year or newer 
    (new vehicles on their first three registrations are exempt; a test is required upon a vehicle's fourth registration)

See the Emissions Home Page for testing fees and maps of the testing areas.

Emissions tests are valid for 90 days. If the vehicle was purchased from a Nevada dealer, the test is valid for 180 days from the date of the test.

Vehicle Weight Rating

The manufacturer's weight rating is used to determine whether an emission inspection is required. The declared weight rating used to assess registration fees may be different. Both will be listed on your registration renewal notice, which will also indicate whether a smog check is required.

Testing Stations

Station Search

See Business License Search and choose Diesel as shown. Diesel vehicles up to 14,000 pounds are required to undergo annual emissions testing.

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Full Time All-Wheel Drive and Traction Control

The following stations are capable of testing diesel vehicles with all wheel drive and traction control subject to the size restrictions listed. Other stations are capable of testing only 2-wheel drive vehicles or 4-wheel drive vehicles running in 2-wheel mode.

Clark County

Smog Hut
184" wheelbase or less
2218 E. Cheyenne Ave.
North Las Vegas, NV 89030
(702) 399-3900

Washoe County

Nevada Auto Diagnostics
181" wheelbase or less
5425 Louie Lane
Reno, NV 89511
(775) 825-7664

Greg’s Garage Inc.
410 E 6th Street
Reno, NV 89512
(775) 324-0911

Heavy-Duty Diesel Enforcement

Compliance Enforcement vehicle

Nevada’s DMV Compliance Enforcement Division employs the Heavy Duty Diesel Enforcement Team of experienced, sworn peace officers that patrol our state in marked law enforcement vehicles. Team members possess full peace officer powers and conduct traffic stops to address observed violations of Nevada Revised Statutes and Nevada Administrative Codes.

The DMV’s Heavy Duty Diesel Enforcement Team also conducts periodic inspections at highway check-sites and weigh stations.

Team members have earned and maintain certifications to calibrate, maintain and employ mobile equipment in order to conduct field inspections as well as conduct courtesy inspections of Nevada-based fleets at the request of fleet owners.

Heavy Duty Diesel Standards

Nevada uses the Society of Automotive Engineers J1667 Snap Acceleration Test for exhaust opacity.

While traveling in Nevada, the required air quality standards are enforced statewide. Vehicles registered in other states are not exempt.

For heavy duty diesel related questions, please call (775) 684-3562.

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