DMV Transformation Effort

We're building the DMV
of the future!

DMV building transitioning to laptop computer

What is it?

The DMV Transformation Effort (DTE) is a four-year project to turn the Nevada DMV into a 21st Century industry leader by gradually making most DMV services available online. Our physical locations will remain open, however, for customers who prefer face-to-face service.

We will introduce new online services one-by-one until most transactions can be completed without a trip to the DMV. Behind the scenes, we're also moving to new, cloud-based platforms for customer service and data processing.

The DTE Program prioritizes the customer experience. Customers and employees will both benefit from quick, efficient interactions with the Nevada DMV. Customers will be empowered to choose their preferred service delivery method, whether online, in person, or from a range of convenient options. Employees will be empowered with the tools and support they need to efficiently serve customers and fulfill the requirements of their role.


The DMV and our partners are rebuilding the agency’s customer service and IT infrastructure on the Salesforce platform, a proven technology that is in use by thousands of companies worldwide.

The Department has contracted with two other firms that are also experts in what is called “agile” infrastructure development. Slalom is customizing Salesforce for the DMV and Mission Critical Partners is providing oversight and quality assurance.

Other important partners in the DMV Transformation Effort are the DMV staff, stakeholders such as auto dealers, and the public. 25 senior DMV employees are being promoted to work directly on the project.

DTE partners include Salesforce, Slalom, Mission Critical Partners, DMV employees, stakeholders and the general public

While Salesforce is the centerpiece of Transformation, the DMV is rethinking every aspect of our operation. We are pursuing improvements across the entire organization. DTE is much more than an IT project.


Don't look for the big launch of a new computer system at some future date. DTE will feature lots of small improvements that will transform the DMV one step at a time.

  • July to September, 2021 - DMV chose Salesforce, Slalom and Mission Critical Partners as its partners and executed agreements through existing State of Nevada contracts.
  • October to December, 2021 - First, we listened! DTE began with a Discovery Phase including extensive input from our employees and the public.
  • January to April, 2022 - A comprehensive road map was developed, outlining each DTE initiative and its priority for deployment.
  • May, 2022 to Present - We're now building the DMV of the future! Keep an eye on the results section below.
  • October, 2025 - DTE will be substantially complete.


First, We Listened


The DMV conducted a public survey in December 2021 to find out how customers felt about their DMV experiences and the changes they really want to see happen. More than 18,000 respondents gave their input and provided us with a road map for the DMV Transformation Effort.

Survey results showed customers were most concerned about needing to go to a DMV office, long wait times, and information that isn't easily accessible. Most surveyed customers said they wanted more DMV services available online, but they also wanted services delivered by technology that's simple, straight-forward and secure.

Customers agreed that a pleasant DMV experience is one that's quick, easy, efficient and secure.

We have developed a set of personas for customers, ranging from those who want only online services to those who desire only in-person visits. The DTE development team refers to these as they design the new services.

Customers range from those who want online only transactions to those who prefer face-to-face interaction
DMV Customer Personas


The DTE team also conducted extensive interviews with DMV employees and developed another set of seven personas for those who work behind the counter.

  • Field Service Technician
  • Call Center Technician
  • Data Entry / Research Technician
  • Working Leadership
  • Compliance Enforcement – Investigators
  • Motor Carrier
  • Administrative Services

The new DMV is being built with everyone in mind!

A New Look & Website

DMV Driving Nevada logo

The first visible results of DTE are the DMV's new look and revamped website,

We took the opportunity with Transformation to rebrand our agency. This includes a bold, transformative logo that pays homage to our legacy while also turning toward the future.

We are Driving Nevada! See the following promotional videos.

New DMV Logo and Rebranding

Our all-new, completely redesigned website,, is mobile-friendly, features warm, welcoming graphics and a simple, straightforward layout. It's easier than ever before to find what you're looking for! Look for continuous refinement of the website and many more new online services!

New DMV Website

DTE Launch News Conference

A news conference was held March 23, 2022, to launch the new look, the new website and to announce the DMV Transformation Effort to the public. The DMV's website address was changed from to during this same week.

The DTE team is now conducting a second round of internal interviews and is placing the finishing touches on the "road map" of how DMV transactions will be rebuilt on the Salesforce platform.

Look for this list to grow!

What's in the works?

Behind the scenes, the DMV is working on data cleansing to prepare the driver's license and vehicle database to move to a cloud-based provider. We are also working on a new financial management system.

The first new service to be built on the Salesforce platform will be an internal case management system for our law enforcement arm, the DMV Compliance Enforcement Division (CED).

Then, we'll put some of the most common DMV transactions online. Here are the first projects for DTE:

  • Compliance Enforcement Case Management
  • Titles (easy and clean title transfers)
  • First Time License Issuance and Credentialing (non-commercial)
  • First Time Vehicle Registration

Look for other developments too! We have some great new services planned.

FAQs/More Information

Will any DMV offices be closing as most services move online?

No. There will still be transactions — such as first-time ID, VIN inspections and driver exams — that can only be completed in person.

And, the fact is, some customers prefer face-to-face interaction with our field services staff. Transformation expands customer access to DMV services by offering more of them online. It doesn’t replace brick-and-mortar offices.

Will there be a reduction in DMV staff if most transactions are going online?

No. DMV will need all of its staff and may even require more people as the state grows and demands for DMV services also increase. DMV employees will continue to oversee complex transactions but many will work online rather than at a counter.

Our staff will have greater flexibility by being able to interact with customers both online and in person. Moving to a mostly online storefront will also allow staff to work remotely as needed.

Will Transformation result in fewer people at DMV offices and shorter lines?

Yes! As Nevada DMV’s service delivery expands and as more customers discover what they can do on the web, there will be less need for people to go to a DMV office. We expect, as word gets around, that more and more people will choose to do their DMV business online, freeing up space at DMV offices for those who still need to do in-person transactions.

Can you give an example of an in-person service that will become available online?

First-time registration and private party vehicle sales are transactions that we plan to make available online. Currently, customers must go in person to a DMV office to complete registration and title transfer of a vehicle purchased from a private party or a vehicle coming from out of state.

See Registration Requirements. Note: we already offer online registration of vehicles purchased from Nevada dealers.

What about kiosks? Is Transformation taking their place?

DMV Now Kiosks are staying and are important part of Transformation. Right now, customers can renew their vehicle registrations and even print out the license plate tags from a kiosk. Duplicate registration, driver history printouts and insurance reinstatements can also be processed from a kiosk. We're currently working with our kiosk vendor Intellectual Technology Inc. (ITI) on ways to expand service delivery.

What made you decide to start Transformation now?

Nevada continues to be one of the fastest-growing states and our largest demographic is younger motorists, most of whom desire an online storefront.

We want to keep pace with growth and the demands and needs of our customers. Plus, we don't want a repeat of what happened from the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. By moving most DMV services online, we'll still be available remotely to serve the majority of our customers if or when the next emergency event occurs.

Why is Transformation going to take four years?

The cloud-based technology platform and the planned automation that will result in most DMV services being available online take time to develop and implement. Plus, we desire public feedback during the project so we can make adjustments to features as we go along.

There's no "big bang" and suddenly the DMV is transformed into a mostly online storefront. New digital features will be introduced gradually during the life of the project. The method we are following is known as "agile" development in which small teams build small parts of the system one step at a time.

Our goal is to transition DMV online gradually. By the end of four years, most DMV transactions will be available online.

Why did the website URL change to

To be consistent with other state government web addresses—most of which now end in .gov—and align with public expectations. The old web address, established 20 years ago, was named as an encouragement for motorists to use the website. It was easier to remember than DMV’s first formal URL:

With DTE and the web site redesign, the timing was right to make the web address change to

Customers can still access the new website using the old address, which will continue to work well into the future. Existing bookmarks and links to are automatically redirected to the new site and most of the pages are in the same place, so no one needs to change their browser shortcuts.