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Polluting vehicles threaten Nevadan’s fresh air and diverse wildlife. Do your part to preserve our environment for generations to come.

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Why Be A Smog Spotter?

Keep Nevada’s Air Clean

A smoking vehicle isn't just bad for the environment-it's bad for everyone's health as well. Vehicle pollutants can cause cardiovascular disease, asthma or even lung cancer. It looks ugly on the outside, and even worse on the inside. But here in Nevada, there's something you can do about it. Be a Smog Spotter and report smoking vehicles. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will investigate reports on any vehicle with a Nevada registration, including heavy-duty diesel trucks and vehicles based in rural areas.

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How The Program Works

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If you see a car emitting excessive smoke, take note of the license plate number and type of car. If you're driving, wait until you reach a safe spot before submitting the report.

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Visit SmogSpotter.com to report the vehicle or call 844-END-SMOG

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The DMV Compliance Enforcement Division sends an advisory letter to the owner of the smoking vehicle. This letter can require the vehicle to be inspected by a DMV Emissions Lab or require the owner to make necessary repairs to reduce excessive emissions.

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All Nevadans today and tomorrow are able to enjoy Nevada’s clean air!

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Partner Toolkit

We want to help our partners amplify the Smog Spotter campaign. This toolkit contains messaging, best practices, amplification tools and sample posts for your social media channels. It also contains print and digital posters, a sample newsletter and blog posts in case you would like to use these on your channels to share our campaign.

The Goal

The goal is to show you how to best represent the Department of Motor Vehicles when communicating their Smog Spotter campaign — specifically through your relevant owned channels.

Partner Toolkit
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