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August 17, 2021

DMV offers charitable license plates online

Car buyers can choose among 16 styles

CARSON CITY – The Nevada DMV is now offering Nevadans a choice of specialty license plates when they get an original vehicle registration online.

Motorists who purchase their vehicle from a Nevada dealer have been able to register it online since 2009, but their only choice for new plates has been the standard Nevada plate style.

The DMV’s online registration service now offers 16 specialty plates that support a charitable cause such as Animal Appreciation, Las Vegas Commemorative, Organ Donation, Pyramid Lake, Raiders, Reno Air Races and United We Stand. More plates will be added each month until the DMV offers all 35 unrestricted specialty plates online.

“This is a win all the way around.  The charities should see more revenue, the motorist has more choices and the DMV benefits from increased usage of online services,” said Department Director Julie Butler.  “The DMV has seen record usage of the online registration due to the COVID pandemic. We want to make those gains permanent and move as many transactions online as possible.”

Historically, only about 30% of motorists eligible to use online registration have taken advantage of the service. The number one reason, according to customers and Nevada auto dealers, has been the lack of choice in license plates.

Since the COVID pandemic hit, however, online registration has increased to about 50% of those eligible.  At the same time, Nevada dealer vehicle sales have rebounded and passed 2019 levels. In real numbers, 91,787 online registrations were completed in fiscal year 2019 out of 316,035 eligible vehicles.  In fiscal year 2021, 165,141 registrations were completed online out of 323,353 eligible.

Butler noted that even with 51% usage, there were still about 158,000 motorists or 13,000 per month who were eligible but did not use the online registration.

“If you buy a car, truck or motorcycle from a Nevada dealer, you should register it online and avoid the trip to the DMV,” Butler said. “It’s fast, easy, and now you have a choice of plates.”

The DMV began offering some plate styles online in June and July. As of August 13, 2,423 motorists have ordered a specialty plate with an online registration.

For more information, visit the DMV website at

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Fiscal Year
(July 1 – June 30)
Online Registrations Completed Eligible Sold Vehicles Usage Rate
2019 91,787 316,035 29%
2020 92,667 296,388 31%
2021 165,141 323,353 51%

Available Plate Styles

As of August 16 Scheduled for addition in September
  • Agriculture
  • Animal Appreciation
  • Autism
  • Childhood Cancer
  • Golden Rule
  • Henderson Historical Society
  • Las Vegas Commemorative
  • Mt. Charleston
  • Organ Donor
  • Pyramid Lake
  • Raiders
  • Red Rock Canyon
  • Reno Air Races
  • United We Stand
  • Vegas Golden Knights
  • Virginia Range Mustangs
  • Conserve Wildlife
  • Desert Conservation
  • Forever Strong
  • Hoover Dam
  • Naturalized Citizen
  • Stem Education
  • Virginia and Truckee Railroad

See all Charitable License Plates.  Plates which are restricted to certain types of vehicles or which require membership in an organization or group will not be offered online.