DMV Online Vehicle Registration

Pick a Specialty Plate GraphicIf you have purchased a vehicle from a Nevada dealer, you may be able to complete the registration online without a trip to the DMV! You can transfer your current license plates or get new plates through the mail. Be sure to get insurance before you begin.

Online Registration - Start Here

License plates and the registration and sticker are mailed separately.

Sorry, but you must visit a DMV office to register your new vehicle if:

Make an appointment! See also Private Party Sales, Nevada Dealers, Out-of-State Dealers or our New Resident Guide.

Specialty Plates New! Top ↑

You can now choose from more than 30 specialty plate designs when using the online registration.

See Charitable Plates for information on each plate. All of the unrestricted charitable plates are available.

Plates which have special qualifications, such as veterans or organization plates, are not availalble online. You must visit a DMV office. You can register your vehicle online and swap plates later if needed.

How It Works Top ↑

Dealers submit their sales information to the DMV online and issue what is called an Electronic Dealer Report of Sale (EDRS). Use the control number and last 4 digits of the Vehicle Identification Number to register online or create a MyDMV account.

White Electronic DRS

Getting It Done

Some additional restrictions apply. Motor homes and trailers cannot be registered online. Vehicles 26,001 pounds and over are registered through the Motor Carrier Division. Certain license plate styles such as Professional Firefighter and antique/classic vehicles cannot be transferred. See the complete list below.

Fee Credits

Important: If you choose to transfer your current license plates, your new registration will be credited for the unused portion of your old registration. A $6 transfer fee applies.

However, if you choose to get new standard license plates, the unused portion of your old registration will not be credited unless you first cancel your current registration. You may cancel your current registration online through MyDMV prior to registering the new vehicle.

Credits from other registrations or other sources may not be applied during an online registration.

Complete Streets

Residents of participating counties will have the option to make a $2 donation to the Complete Streets Program in their county.  This program promotes the retrofitting of roads to benefit pedestrians, bicyclists, disabled persons, and motorists.  The donation is voluntary, non-refundable, and is in addition to any other applicable registration fees.

Complete Streets programs: Carson City  |  Douglas  |  Clark  |  Washoe


You must obtain liability insurance from a Nevada-licensed carrier in the exact name(s) which will be on the registration and title. The effective date of the policy must be equal or previous to the registration date. Coverage is verified electronically with your insurance company.

Motorists who do not maintain Nevada liability insurance are subject to a registration suspension, reinstatement fee/fine, possible SR22 requirement and driver’s license suspension.

Out-of-state insurance is not accepted. See Vehicle Insurance Requirements. You must present Nevada Evidence of Insurance at registration and carry one in your vehicle at all times.


You must register in person at a DMV if any of the following apply.

Non-Transferable Plate Styles