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September 26, 2019


Legislature is seeking mileage data for future decision making

CARSON CITY – The Department of Motor Vehicles is ready to implement a bill from the 2019 Nevada Legislature that requires motorists to submit their odometer readings when they register or renew their vehicles.

Assembly Bill 483 (AB 483) directs the DMV to gather an odometer reading at the time of any original vehicle registration, registration renewal or vehicle sale.  Motorcycles and mopeds are exempt, as are certain other vehicles such as farm vehicles.

To help minimize the impact, the DMV will use the odometer readings from emissions tests performed in Clark and Washoe counties. Owners must submit odometer readings on all other cars, trucks, buses and recreational vehicles, of any size or fuel type, including electric vehicles and vehicles in rural areas.

“The DMV’s online services and kiosks will accept odometer readings and we encourage you to continue to use them,” said DMV Director Julie Butler. “Just remember to write down your odometer reading or take a picture of it before you get started.”

Data from odometer readings will be used to compile reports of total miles driven for the Nevada Legislature to aid in future decisions on funding for roadways.   This is a pilot project that runs through December 31, 2026.

There are no new fees, taxes or fines associated with AB 483.

More information is available on the DMV website at

Assembly Bill 483 can be viewed on the Nevada State Legislature website.

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