Motorcycle Skills Test

Motorcycle graphic

Most motorcycle skills tests are conducted on a closed course at the DMV. You must pass the motorcycle knowledge test before scheduling your test.

You need to know and understand your motorcycle’s controls and equipment such as choke, gear shift, brakes, starter, throttle, ignition, and clutch. The examiner will perform a safety inspection and check the registration and insurance. You do not have to use your own motorcycle.

Your test will include normal starts and stops, quick turns, and other maneuvers. When on your motorcycle, you are required to wear a helmet. If your motorcycle does not have a windshield or screen, you need to wear a protective face shield or goggles. The examiner will explain each exercise before you begin.

See the following document for diagrams of the specific maneuvers you will be required to perform:

These maneuvers are conducted at low speeds and are not dangerous to riders with basic skills. If you do not feel you can pass the tests, you may wish to enroll in a motorcycle rider training course. See Getting a Motorcycle Driver License for links to classes throughout Nevada.