Motor Vehicle Laws

Here are links to Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) and Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) pertaining to Motor Vehicles.


For detailed listings on specific topics, see the NRS Index under Motor Vehicles.

Chapter Number and Title Statutes Code
97 Retail Installment Sales of Goods and Services NRS NAC
100 Commercial Vehicle Leases NRS --
108 Statutory Liens NRS NAC
360A Administration of Certain Taxes and Fees on Fuels NRS NAC
365 Taxes on Certain Fuels for Motor Vehicles and Aircraft NRS NAC
366 Tax on Special Fuels NRS NAC
371 Governmental Services Tax NRS --
372 Sales and Use Taxes NRS NAC
373 County Taxes on Fuels NRS NAC
374 Local School Support Tax NRS NAC
445B Air Pollution NRS NAC
459 Hazardous Materials NRS NAC
480 Administration of Laws Related to Public Safety NRS --
481 Administration of Laws Related to Motor Vehicles NRS NAC
482 Motor Vehicles and Trailers: Licensing, Registration, Sales and Leases NRS NAC
482A Autonomous Vehicles NRS NAC
482B Alternative Electronic Transportation Systems NRS NAC under development
482C Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing Programs NRS NAC under development
483 Driver Licenses; Driving Schools and Driving Instructors NRS NAC
484 Traffic Laws (replaced by Chapters 484A - 484E below) NRS NAC
484A Traffic Laws Generally NRS --
484B Rules of the Road NRS --
484C Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or a Prohibited Substance NRS --
484D Equipment, Inspections and Size, Weight and Load of Vehicles NRS --
484E Crashes and Reports of Crashes NRS --
485 Insurance and Financial Responsibility NRS NAC
486 Bicycles, Motorcycles and Similar Vehicles NRS NAC
486A Alternative Fuels; Clean-Burning Fuels NRS NAC
487 Repair, Removal and Disposal of Vehicles NRS NAC
490 Off-Highway Vehicles NRS NAC
590 Petroleum Products and Antifreeze NRS NAC
597 Miscellaneous Trade Practices and Prohibited Acts NRS --
706 Motor Carriers & Apportioned Registration NRS NAC

See Vehicle Sales Contracts from the Nevada Division of Financial Institutions.

The complete Nevada Revised Statutes and Administrative Code are available online from the Nevada Legislature.

Printed volumes of all Nevada laws can be ordered from the Legislative Counsel Bureau. See Legislative Publications.

See also Nevada Municipal Codes.