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December 3, 2021

Nevada DMV to survey customers about digital transformation

Public participation sought from email survey

CARSON CITY – A customer survey engaging the public about the digital transformation of the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles will be emailed to DMV customers on Monday, December 6, 2021.

Nevada DMV Director Julie Butler said the agency is moving forward with plans to transition most of its services online over the next four years, and customer experiences are being sought to help shape the transformation.

“We want the public’s input on what the future looks like for the DMV,” Butler said. “Customers are key to helping us enhance the DMV experience for all Nevadans.”

Nevada DMV customers statewide, including approximately 20,000 MyDMV account holders and 4,000 business customers, can expect to see the survey email in their inboxes on December 6.

The digital customer-driven questionnaire, a first for the Nevada DMV, will survey participants about their most recent DMV experiences as well as their technology preferences and concerns.

Customers will also be asked whether they would like to participate in transformation focus groups formed in early 2022.

Participation in the survey is voluntary, but responses are anonymous, so recipients are encouraged to take part. The no-reply email will feature a hyperlink that opens to the survey web page:

All Nevada DMV customers are invited to participate in the public survey through the link above or on the home page at

Participants will not be asked to provide any personally identifiable information, Butler said, and customer responses will only be used to help in the Nevada DMV’s transformation.

“The DMV protects the privacy of Nevadans’ personal information as part of our core mission,” she said. “The survey responses will be used only to contribute to helping build the DMV of the future.”

Future digital surveys may follow to help the Nevada DMV stay current with customer service needs and preferences during the four-year transformation process.

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