Practice Nevada Class C Driver's License Quiz

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1. Doubling your speed multiplies your stopping distance by:

2. A flashing red light at a traffic signal means:

3. Infant car seats should always be installed facing the _________ of the vehicle.

4. When parking next to a sidewalk with your vehicle facing uphill, you should park with your front wheels:

5. When you see any vehicle parked at the side of the road with flashing lights illuminated, you should:

6. When approaching a roundabout, you should:

7. When multiple vehicles approach an intersection with no traffic signs or signals and arrive at the same time, the vehicle on your ________ should go first.

8. How many persons must be in a vehicle to be considered “high-occupancy” for the purposes of driving in a diamond lane?

9. A broken yellow line indicates:

10. If you receive 12 or more demerit points in any 12-month period as a result of convictions for driving-related offenses or for civil infractions, the DMV will:

11. If you are under the age of 21 and your blood alcohol level is greater than _____% but less than .08%, law enforcement or the DMV may suspend your driving privileges immediately.

12. When being approached from behind by a funeral procession, you should:

13. It is acceptable to proceed through a crosswalk in a school zone as soon as a school crossing guard is out of your path of travel.

14. Which hand signal indicates your intention to turn right?

15. When arriving at the end of a freeway onramp, your speed should be:

16. You may enter a center left turn lane only if:

17. Pedestrians using a crosswalk are:

18. You may NEVER make a U-turn:

19. A white curb indicates:

20. The recommended tire pressure for your vehicle can be found:

21. The only time it is considered acceptable to use a handheld device while operating a motor vehicle is:

22. Leaving children or pets in a vehicle during periods of extreme heat or cold is:

23. Failing to maintain insurance may result in the suspension of your driver license:

24. When following another vehicle, you should make sure to stay at least _______ behind the vehicle in front of you.

25. A pedestrian who is blind or visually impaired has the right-of-way _______


Passing score is 80%.

In the actual test, the test stops when you have reached either 6 incorrect or 20 correct answers.