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Make your appointment.

If your transaction can't be completed online, book an appointment at one of our offices in Carson City, Henderson, Las Vegas, or Reno at least 30 days out or when you get your email or postcard reminder to renew.

Other Nevada DMV offices do not require appointments. County offices that handle DMV transactions may be subject to different availability. Remember: If you don't need your appointment, please cancel it so someone else can use it.

General Services

  • Appointments are available up to 90 days away.
  • To book an appointment for a driving test, use the "Drive Tests" option.
  • Choose the most similar transaction if yours is not listed.
  • One customer per appointment. Non-transferable.
  • Canceled appointments become available immediately.
  • Check in the mornings and evenings to see if new times opened up.
  • Commercial Driver License services do not require appointments at
    dedicated CDL offices.

Drive Tests

  • DO NOT use this to schedule regular appointments.
  • You must have a valid instruction permit to schedule online.
  • Drive tests are available up to 60 days away.
  • If your permit is expired, visit your local DMV office.
  • To change or cancel your test, visit an office or email us.
  • Include the location, date of your appointment, and contact info.

Have your documents ready.

Want faster service when you arrive? Have your paperwork ready! All of our forms are available online in .pdf format.