Exempt License Plates

Government Agencies Top ↑

Exempt License Plate

Exempt license plates are issued to state and local government entities which are exempt from paying Nevada Governmental Services Taxes.

An application must be completed for each vehicle. This form is also used to order new plates with existing plate numbers and to order seals and decals for State of Nevada vehicles.

Exempt License Plate Application (SP 15A)

Elderly/Disabled Transportation Top ↑

Organizations that use state or federal grants to provide transportation services the elderly and disabled also qualify for exempt plates. Use the SP 79 affidavit.

Affidavit for Exempt License Plate Application (SP 79)

Native American Tribes Top ↑

Non-commercial vehicles owned by the governing body of a federally recognized Tribal Government are entitled to exempt license plates provided:

See Federally Recognized Tribes, Bands and Colonies of Nevada

Native American tribal members residing on tribal lands are eligible for a Governmental Services Tax Exemption on their private vehicles, but not exempt license plates. The Application for Governmental Services Tax Exemption (VP 154) is the form used to apply for the exemption for individual tribal members.